Need A Visa For Your Trip To Transsiberia?

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Visa Request Trans Siberia

Do I need a visa for Transsiberia? Yes
Do I have to arrange the visa before my arrival in Transsiberia? Yes
How long in advance can I apply for the visa for Transsiberia? Maximum of 3 months in advance
From when is the issued visa valid? For all 3 countries the visa is valid at the moment of issue

If you take the Trans Siberia Express or Trans Mongolia Express shortly, you travel by train through three different countries. A crazy and adventurous journey with which you can immediately get three visa stamps richer. You need a visa for Russia, Mongolia and China.

Your passport must therefore be processed by three different authorities at three different locations! Please take this into account and start applying for the visa on time so that you do not miss the train.

If you want to arrange your application yourself, you must fill in the application forms correctly and make several time available for an embassy visit.

Read the destinationpages below to find out for each country how the embassy procedure should be initiated:

Visa Russia Request
Visa Mongolia Request
Visa China Request

If you use KES Visa, you save a lot of time because you do not have to hand over your passport in The Hague and Brussels at various embassies.
You deliver everything at once to us and we take care of all your visa applications.

What do you need to apply for a Transsiberia visa?

In our checklists you will find a  step by stap plan for each type of visa which will help you with your application. Download the checklists to see exactly what documents are required to request a visa for Transsiberia and which requirements you all have to meet.

The China, Mongolia and Russian Embassy can only handle your application if the mentioned documents meet the requirements described in the checklist:
  1. Print the checklist
  2. Collect the supplies
  3. Tick all the boxes

Visa costs Transsiberia

Country Type of  visa Validity Maximum stay Application duration Visa costs Visa support 21% VAT Total
Russia Single entry 1 month 30 days 5 workdays €65 €47 €9,87 €124,77
Russia Tourist voucher Single entry 1 month   1 workday €30 - - €30
China Single entry 3 months 30 days 7 workdays €126,55 €37 €7,77 €171,32
Mongolië Single entry 3 months 30 days 10 workdays €60 €50 €10,50 €120,50

Total costs

        €281,55 €134 €29,14 €419,49
  Tourist Urgent              
Russia Single entry 1 month 30 days 5 workdays €65 €47 €9,87 €124,77
China Single entry 3 months 30 days 2 workdays €197,85 €74 €15,54 €287,39
Mongolia Single entry 3 months 30 days 5 workdays €90 €100 €21 €211

Total costs

        €352,85 €221 €46,41 €623,16