Need A Visa For Your Trip To Saudi Arabia?

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BE AWARE! In the case of Saudi Arabia, we can only assist you with making your appointment a VFS Tasheel, checking your documents and picking up your passport from Tasheel (in that case, please bring the authorization form and the original visa receipt to our office after your appointment). All applicants will need to apply in person at VFS Tasheel in The Hague in order to give their biometric results. You also pay for your visa at VFS. The visa price depends on the nationality of the applicant. Furthermore your applications processing time will be discussed at the time of the appointment.

Fee type Charges (EUR)
MoFA Visa Fee (Business Man Visit) €63
MoFA Enjaz Fee €10
MoFA Medical Fee (if applicable) €10
Service Fee- Regular appointment €47.10
VAT for Regular appointment €10
Lounge Service Fee (spoedafspraak) €117.30
VAT for Lounge Service Fee €25

From 2016 there have been a few multiple entry visas issued to Dutch Passport holders, a key requirement of this is that you are given an invitation. Therefore keep in mind that it is likely that only a single entry visa will be provided.
Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist visas.

In our checklist, you will find the requirements for your visa. Please use it to guide you through your application. Download the checklists to see precisely which documents are necessary to apply for a Saudi Arabian visa and which requirements you must meet.​

The Saudi Arabian Embassy can only process your application when the needed documents have met the requirements that are outlined in the checklist:

  1. Print out the checklist

  2. Collect the required documents

  3. Tick off the boxes