Need A Visa For Your Trip To Rwanda?

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What do you need to apply for Rwanda visa?

Do I need a visa for Rwanda? Yes, for Dutch and Belgian passportholders
Do I have to arrange the visa before my arrival in Rwanda? It is possible to obtain a visa on arrival (30 day validity)
How long in advance can I apply for the visa for Rwanda? Maximum of 3 months in advance
From when is the issued visa valid? After entering the country

In our checklists there are guides that explain the necessary steps you must undertake for your application. Download these checklists to see the exact documents and other requirements needed to apply for Rwandan visa.
​The Rwandan embassy can only process your application when the documents meet the requirements described in the checklist:

1. Print the checklist
2. Collect all necessary documents
3. Tick the completed boxes

Visa costs Rwanda

Visa Type Validity Maximum Stay per entry Processing time at embassy Visa Costs KES VAT
Tourist 3 months 30 days 4 working days €45,- €37,- 7,77 €89,77
Business 3 months 30 days 4 working days €45,- €37,- 7,77 €89,77
Multiple 3 months 30 days 4 working days €45,- €37,- 7,77 €89,77