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What do you need to apply for Russian visa?


Our checklists are made to help you step by step completing your application for a Russian visa.  Download the checklists to see exactly what documents are needed and requirements must be met in order to successfully apply for a Russian visa.

The Russian Embassy can only begin to consider your application when the required documents have fulfilled the specifications outlined in the checklists:

  1. Print the checklist
  2. Collect the required documents
  3. Tick off the boxes

Invitation requirement for a visa to Russia

A key requisite to successfully applying for a visa to Russia is an invitation. Depending on the type of visa that you are applying for can the invitation be classified as one of the documents below.

  • Tourist Voucher
  • Business invitation: invitation from a business in Russia.
  • FMS: official invitation from the Russian Migration Services.
  • Telex: invitation from the Russian embassy that’s directly sent to the Russian Embassy in the Hague

Your visa to Russia will be given in line with the arrival and departure date that is specified in your invitation.

Keep in mind that if you are applying for a tourist visa in Russia, your tourist voucher will seldom be provided by the hotel where you are staying. It’s often the case that this an extra service that only more upscale hotels provide. Do ask your hotel if this is something they can arrange for you. Furthermore, consider that there is a difference between a tourist voucher and a hotel confirmation, as the voucher is an officially stamped document. We can also arrange a tourist voucher for you.

If you are applying for a business visa your invitation will in most cases be provided by the business established in Russia with which you have a meeting. It is also possible to apply for your invitation through KES. If the case that you would need a business visa with urgency. Then please specify in your business visa application that you require this application with urgency. If you don’t specify this requirement then your visa application will only be processed through the regular procedure.
For applicants with any of the nationalities outlined below, it's necessary that there is an original version of the invitation, as copies are not accepted.

Furthermore, applicants with an Irish nationality that are applying for a business visa are always required to provide an FMS or TELEX. In these cases is a business invitation not sufficient.  

Closing dates embassy

In 2018 the embassy is closed on the following days. Please take into account additional processing time. 
January 1-8
Fenruary 23
March 8
April 2, 27, 30
May 1, 9, 10, 21 
June 11, 12 
November 5 
December 25, 26 

Russian visa costs

Please see the table below for a full overview of all the costs you can expect considering the visa costs at the embassy and what our service costs are. 

KES can also assist in requesting an invitation*:

Invitations Invitation letter (1 working day) FMS (6 working days) Telex (5 working days)
tourist voucher €30 - -
Single entry 1 month €135 €155 €235
Single entry 3 months €145 €165 €245
Double entry 1 month €145 €165 €245
Double entry 3 months €165 €175 €250
  1-3 working days 12-16 working days 15 working days
Multiple entry 6 months €175 €225 €280
Multiple entry 12 months €225 €225 €350
Multiple entry 24 months €275 €300 €400
Due to the current ongoing World Cup there is an expected delay as the consulate is working at full capacity, please take this into consideration below.

*An invitation letter is not available for every passport holder. For some nationalities only a FMS or an Telex invitation can be delivered whilst applying for a visa. Contact us for more information regarding which nationalities we cannot provide an invitation letter for.

The visa costs are:
Type visa Validity Maximum Stay Processing time Visa costs KES VAT 21% Total
Business 3-12 months 30 days 7 working days* €65 €47 €9.87 €121.87
Single Urgent   30 days 4 working days €100 €94 €19.74 €213.74
Double 3-12 months 30 days 7 working days* €65 €47 €9.87 €121.87
Double Urgent   30 days 4 working days €100 €94 €19.74 €213.74
Multiple 3-12 months 30 days 10-14 working days* €65 €47 €9.87 €121.87
Multiple urgent   30 days 4 workingdays €100 €94 €19.74 €213.74
Tourist 1 month 30 days 7 working days* €65 €47 €9.87 €121.87
Double 1 month 30 days 7 working days* €65 €47 €9.87 €121.87
Work 3 months 90 days 7 working days* €114.60 €47 €9.87 €222.27
Single Urgent   90 days 4 working days €199.20 €94 €19.74 €312.94
Double 3 months 90 days 7 working days* €165.40 €47 €9.87 €222.27
Double urgent     4 working days €300.80 €94 €19.74 €414.54
Multiple 1-3 years 1-3 years 7 working days   €47 €9.87
Multiple urgent     4 working days €537.80 €94 €19.74 €583.34
Single 3 months 90 days 7 working days €65 €47 €9.87 €121.78
Single Urgent     4 working days €100 €94 €19.74 €213.74
Double 3 months 90 days 7 working days €65 €47 €9.87 €121.78
Double urgent     4 working days €100 €94 €19.74 €213.74
*Australian, New-Zealand, Great Brittain and American nationalities must take into account a processing time of 14 calendar days.

As soon as we have received all of the necessary documents for your visa application at our office, we will be able to successfully group everything in order to submit your visa at the embassy by the following working day. In the case that it is an emergency situation do contact us and we will assist you in seeing if it is possible to do this even faster.

Have you still got any questions after seeing the checklists? Look at our F.A.Q. or contact us!


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