Need A Visa For Your Trip To Nigeria?

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KES Visum Support?

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Do I need a visa for Nigeria? Yes
Do I have to arrange the visa before my arrival in Nigeria? Yes
How long in advance can I apply for the visa for Nigeria? You can apply for the visa in advance depending on the type of visa
From when is the issued visa valid? From the day of issuance of visa

There are four different kinds of available visas for Nigeria; a STR (if you want to live and work in Nigeria), a TWP (if you are going to do temporary work in Nigeria but still paid by the company in the country of origin), Business (for attending conferences and meetings) and Tourist (visiting family / friends) visa. If you apply for a STR, we also assist in legalizing the documents (such as your diploma, CV and certificates).

If you apply for a visa for Nigeria, you will receive a checklist from us. Depending on the type of visa you need, the requirement for your visa application Nigeria is outlined in the relevant checklist. We will take care of making the application form for you.  

Validity of your Nigerian visa

If you are traveling for the first time to Nigeria, please note that you will only be able to apply for a single entry visa. You can only apply for a multiple entry visa only if it is demonstrable that the traveler has previously been in Nigeria. The same applies to a 6-month multiple entries: it must be demonstrable that the traveler first obtained a multiple entry of 3 months.
Furthermore, you will only be able to apply for a 12-month multiple entry visa if you have previously had a 6-month multiple entry visa.

Need a visa for Nigeria urgently?

The Embassy takes urgent requests from Monday to Friday; and regular requests only on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. An emergency application takes 2 business days. For example, if you submit the visa application on Monday, you will get back on Wednesday. The day of filing will therefore only count as processing day. Have you got any questions after reading this page? Check out the FAQs or contact us.

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Visa Costs

Visa Type Validity Maximum Stay Processing Time Visa Costs Kosten Immigration Service KES VAT
Tourist 3 months 1 month 11 workdays €40 $108 €75,- €15,75  *
Multiple 6 months 1 month 11 workdays €60 $372 €75,- €15,75  *
Multiple 12 months 1 month 11 workdays €120 $372 €75,- €15,75  *
Business  3 months  1 month 10 workdays €80 $108 €75,- €15,75  *
Multiple 6 months 1 month 10 workdays €90 $372 €75,- €15,75  *
Multiple 12 months 1 month 11 workdays €150 $372 €75,- €15,75  *
Work 3 months 3 months 11 workdays €120 $190 €75,- €15,75  *
STR single
3 months 3 months 11 workdays €120 $159 €75,- €15,75  *
URGENT  -  - 2 workdays €150 extra  - €150,-  €31,50 -

*Amounts may vary due to the exchange rate


Are you requesting a new passport? Then we can help you with the payment. Send us an email with your name, address and application ID, or visit our office! 

Passport Kes service costs VAT Total
Payment passport application 30 €6,30 €36,30*
* if you pay with a credit card, we charge € 15 extra.