Need A Visa For Your Trip To Cote Divoire?

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e-Visa Cote Ivory Coast

Do I need a visa for Ivory Coast ? Yes
Do I have to arrange the visa before my arrival in Ivory Coast? Yes
How long in advance can I apply for the visa for Ivory Coast? You can apply for the visa 3 months in advance
From when is the issued visa valid? From the date of issuance visa

To be eligible for a Cote Divoire e-visa, you must arrive at Abidjan Airport. That's where your visa will be ready for you.

Before you apply, make sure you have the following documents on your PC:
  • Clear scan of your passport information page
  • Clear scan of the flight reservation
  • Clear scan of the hotel confirmation(s)/notarized invitation (applicable when visiting relatives/friends)
Other documents to be delivered upon arrival in Abidjan are:
  • Digital Sign-Up approval (you get this from us)
  • Passport (at least valid for 6 months after arrival)
  • Copy of your passport information page
  • Original Yellow Fever booklet

What do you need to apply for a visa for Ivory Coast?

In our checklists you will find a step by step plan for each type of visa which will help with your application. Dowload the checklists to see exactly which documents are required to apply for a visa for Cote Divoire and which requirements you have to meet.

The Embassy of Cote Divoire can only handle your application if the mentioned documents meet the requirements described in the checklist:
  1. Print the checklist
  2. Collect the supplies
  3. Tick all boxes