Need A Visa For Your Trip To China?

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Visa China

Do I need a visa for China? Yes
Do I need to arrange my visa for China before my arrival? Yes
How long in advance can I apply for a visa for China? You can apply for the visa up to 3 months before departure
From when is the issued visa valid? From the date of issuance 

Are you traveling to China soon? In the case that you are a Dutch Passport holder then it's necessary that you have a valid visa to be able to travel within the country. You cannot apply for a visa directly at the Chinese Embassy but instead you need to apply at the China Visa Application Service Center.

By making use of KES’s visa service, you can have your visa application be taken care of. By doing this you will no longer have to travel to the Hague to deliver and later pick up your visa to China.

What do you need to apply for a visa to China?

In our checklists, you will find a step-by-step plan for each type of visa that will help you with your application. Download the checklists to see exactly which documents are required to request a visa for China and which requirements you need to meet. In the case you do the application via our website, you will receive the embassy form automatically in your mailbox!

Important information!

Please take note of the fact that the embassy may invite you for a personal interview. This applies in particular to applicants who have (multiple) stamps from Turkey in their passport and applicants requesting a multiple entry visa. Therefore please take into consideration the additional processing time.

Additional requirements apply to the following nationalities (furthermore in these cases is the emergency procedure not possible): Afghanistan, Philippines, France, Congo, Ghana, India, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mali, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkey.


In addition to the requirements mentioned in the checklists, you also need to submit the following documents:

- Copy of your healthcare policy

- Copy of both sides of your care pass

- Your three most recent salary slips

- A recent bank statement with a minimum balance of € 3,000

- A recent bank statement from your company (if you are an independent entrepreneur) with a minimum balance of € 2,000

- A letter of guarantee from the company you are working for (only necessary for a business visa)

- Original invitation from a Duly Authorized Unit; a Chinese government agency.

The company you are going to visit must apply for this (only necessary for a business visa)


As soon as we have received all of the necessary documents for your visa application to China at our office, we will be able to successfully group everything in order to submit your visa at the embassy by the following working day. In the case that it is an emergency situation do contact us and we will assist you in seeing if it is possible to do this even faster.  In the case that you still have questions after viewing the China checklists? Check our frequently asked questions to find an answer or contact us.

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Visa costs China

Visa Type Validity of Visa Maximum stay per entry Processing time at Embassy Visa Costs Service costs VAT Total
Tourist 3 months 30 days 4 working days €126.55 €37.00 €7.77 €171.32
single entry
double entry 3/6 months 30 days 4 working days €126.55 €37.00 €7.77 €171.32
Business 3 months 30 days 4 working days €126.55 €37.00 €7.77 €171.32
single entry
double entry 3/6 months 30 days 4 working days €126.55 €37.00 €7.77 €171.32
multiple entry 6/12 months 30 days 4 working days €126.55 €37.00 €7.77 €171.32
Work 3 months 30 days 4 working days €126.55 €37.00 €7.77 €171.32
Study 3 - 6 months 1 - 180 days 4 working days €126.55 €37.00 €7.77 €171.32
< 180 days (single entry)
> 180 days 3 months 181 - 365 days 4 working days €126.55 €37.00 €7.77 €171.32
Private 3 - 6 months 1 - 180 days 4 working days €126.55 €37.00 €7.77 €171.32
Urgent fee     2 working days €197.85 €74 €15.54 €287.39